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Custom Book Cover Design


What`s included?

• E-book cover

A custom e-book cover design, created to match your story and keeping up with the current market trends.

• Print cover

Be it paperback, hardback, or dustjacket, I will transform the e-book cover into the perfect wrapping for your book.

• Separate artwork

You will also receive the cover art without text, so it`s easier to use it for all your promotional materials.

• Separate title

The title will have a transparent background, which can be seamlessly placed on ads, your website, or even the interior of the book.

• Bonus: Audiobook cover

If you want to create an audiobook version of your book, I will transform the e-book into an audiobook cover without any additional charges.


I am offering discounts of $100/cover for returning costumers or for book series with more than 3 covers.

Don`t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!

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Terms & Conditions


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